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My name is Danette Vives and I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2005. I’ve incorporated skincare and alternative remedies in my practice which allows me to customize anti-aging non-invasive facelifts that will result to overall improvement of the skin including tone, elasticity, minimal wrinkles and pores, pinkish tinge on cheeks, and soft, dewy skin without the toxic chemicals. All of which are formulated using organic, homeopathic remedies.

My passion for skincare began during high school when I developed really bad acne. I became such a product junkie and tried to fix my skin myself. Since then, I studied and searched for ways to regulate and learned to listen to my skin’s needs. I believe our bodies and skin are able to heal itself.

Today, I’m always researching the most advanced skincare lines and technologies that create optimum facial treatments for your skin to look healthier, younger, and firmer naturally. I specialize in Stem Cell Facial Therapy that rejuvenates and repairs the skin. When a young cell comes in contact with an old cell it relays information via the DNA.

“I pride myself in being able to combine technology with nature, bringing you the most powerful facial treatments for your skin’s needs”. 

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